Saturday, 21 May 2011

why life and its surprises?

having a blog has never been in my list of things but suddenly since yesterday i have been thinking of it and today i decided to put it into action. i visit other people's blogs a lot so i know a bit about whats going on, "life and its surprises" these words came to my head because life has been surprising a lot since when i was born and some surprises are sick but i thank God for everything. i know some of you out there are going through the same thing because everyone has their own issues. i would like to share with people who understand life and everything going on.
currently i am away from home and its been almost eight months now,i miss home so much and being away makes me think of so many things and ask so many questions which i will be asking as time goes. whoever is reading my blog right now thanks a lot for stopping by and please don't let this be the last time.
may God bless you all!

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