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A noisy mind can be very disturbing to your state of being. One reason why we suffer from conditions like restlessness, paranoia, anxiety and stress, is because of the constantly negative commentary perpetuating from a noisy mind. It is of great benefit to one’s psyche to have a calm mind. A quite mind also allows the body to function in a more balanced and healthy manner, and it raises the vibration of your energy field, helping you attract positive circumstances into your life. In this article we will discuss a few pointers on how to calm your mind to attain a peaceful state of being.

Tips to Calm Your Mind:

Shift Your Focus Consciously to Sense Perceptions – The mind gains momentum from the constant attention that is bestowed upon it by you. Have you noticed how quickly the mind takes up your entire attention as soon as you wake up in the morning. We almost seem to go through an entire day trapped in the noise of the mind. One of best ways to calm your mind is to consciously shift your attention from the mind to your “sense” perceptions.

Every few minutes, consciously shift your attention from the mind to your senses. Be aware of your surroundings, use your eyes to scan all the objects in your vicinity (without really analyzing them in your mind), be aware of the colors around you; be aware of the textures around you. Pay attention to the sounds present in your surrounding; you will be amazed at how alive your surrounding really is. When you shift your attention to your senses, the mind activity has to cease, and this slows down the momentum of your mind. If you keep your attention, on your senses, for a few minutes you will sense calm in your mind.

Breathe Consciously for a Minute – The best way to calm your mind is to focus on your breathe. This technique has been extolled by many spiritual teachers. You don’t need to control your breath or change your breathing pattern, just stay focused on the very act of breathing which is going on involuntarily. Feel the air more in and out of your body in a rhythmic fashion. You will be amazed to notice that whenever there is an “in” breath, the mind seems to stop momentarily. If you keep you focus on the breathing, the mind will not only slow down but will reach a point when it’s activity almost stops and there is a deep calm in this space.

Become One With Your Body – The way we move around everyday, it almost feels like we are a “mind” which is attached to a body, rather than being a “whole” body. Consciously try to relax your attention so that your whole body is enveloped in your focus; this action will slow down the momentum of your mind. When your attention is drawn up by the mind, the body is starved for attention and it’s develops several disorders as a result of this starvation. Very little intelligence really dwells in a mind, if you want true wisdom you must think with your whole body. It’s strange, but the best ideas, and inspirations, emerge from a silent, and calm, mind rather than a noisy, thinking, mind.

With practice, you can easily stay in this natural state of being “whole” with the body instead being drawn up into your mind. Your consciousness becomes very narrow when it’s purely focused on the mind, while it becomes whole when it’s is relaxed and felt in your whole body. When you return your consciousness to wholeness, it functions in a very wise and inspired manner.

In Conclusion:

To calm your mind you need to stop feeding it with your attention. It’s been studied that 99% of the noise generated by the mind is repetitive, it only keeps you stuck in its momentum. New solutions, ideas, inspiration can only arise when your mind is calm, and this can only happen when you consciously move your attention to the whole of your being instead of narrowing it down to your mental noise.

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