Friday, 1 March 2013



One of the easiest things to do is complain. People will complain about any and everything instead of creating solutions to improve a situation. We tend to grumble about our jobs, our family, and yes, our relationships. When our attention is focused only on what’s not working, we miss out on experiencing the blessings of what is working.

Each individual has areas of
 strength they bring into the relationship. Imagine if both people were able to utilize those strengths to empower other areas of the marriage. Instead of allowing negativity to rule over the amount of effort and energy we give, let’s turn it into a positive way to uplift our spouse while enhancing our union.

Those bad habits and little annoyances, I am sure, pale in comparison to all the joys that our spouse brings. Yeah of course socks on the floor are a nuisance and create unnecessary work for the other partner, but whining and nitpicking will bring about even greater dissension. Instead, speak life into your partner by praising his/her other strengths. By telling your mate how much you love the energy they use in teaching the children and by reiterating the children are always learning from them, your spouse will feel appreciated and look for other areas to improve.

The attitudes and egos that occasionally surface don’t always replace the good that your spouse can deliver to the relationship. Speak life into your partner by expressing just how much you love their self-confidence and remind him/her just how powerful you are as a couple when that confidence is used to build up.

The feelings of exhaustion are real and shouldn’t be ignored. When one partner feels as though they are carrying the majority of the marriage load, they absolutely must speak up and ask for assistance. They also need to know how much they are appreciated. Speak life into your partner by recognizing and being specific about all the things your partner contributes to the proper managing of the household as well as being willing to carry some of that load.

Speaking life into your partner reenergizes your marriage. We must shift our focus away from the minor distractions and build up the one we love. Using positive words and affirmations is the greatest demonstration of love for our mate.

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