Saturday, 8 September 2012



Hello there my dear readers, I hope you are all having a great weekend. 

Today let’s talk about guys who hit their girlfriends. I am trying to understand if it’s because of jealousy or the love is just too much( which means clearly you wouldn’t hit someone you love that much) or maybe ignorance or maybe because we let them or maybe for some other reasons that  I don’t really know and would like you guys to help me understand. I have had few friends who are hit by their boyfriends, sometimes  the guy comes back drunk and starts a stupid fight for no reason and then ends up beating her and leave her bruised.  Most guys when they hit you, they come up the next day and say ‘I am sorry baby it won’t happen again, I love you so much’ and we believe them. But mind you ladies, once you let a guy lay a finger on you one time trust me he will keep doing that over and over coz he knows he can and he knows he will apologize and you will forgive him like all the other times he did.
 To my guys out there, why would you physically hurt someone you love? I am sure most of you are brought up by loving parents who didn’t hit one another but where do you get the habit of hitting your girl? Your dad doesn’t hit your mom but you hit your girl, where do you get this? Even if your dad does hit your mom, I think you of all people should understand what that does to a relationship and you should be the one to change it by loving and protect your girl by not letting anyone or anything hurt her but instead you are the one who beats her up and hurt her. real men don't hit their ladies!
Finally my ladies, if your man is hitting you and doesn’t want to break the habit even if you tell him to then no matter how much he tells you he loves you clearly he doesn’t deserve you one bit. You deserve better. Some of you already have kids with these guys who hit you and you are forced to stay because of them, some say they want their kids to grow up in a stable family, raised by a mom and dad. Let me tell you something, you are not being fair to yourself and the child you are trying to protect, this might psychologically damage the child as he will grow up seeing his mom abused and think that’s how women are supposed to be shown love or discipline. I know every mom wants the best for their child but  I think it is better to raise your kid by yourself so that you can give him all the love and teach him what to do and what not  to do to the people he loves. You cannot tell your son not to hit women and at the same time he sees his dad hitting his mom every day. Ladies, stand up for yourselves don’t allow a man to abuse you, no matter what he does for you or gives you.  There is so much to say but if you are reading this, please leave a comment on your views.

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